Face and Body Care Center is faithfully committed to this noble cause. Face and Body Care Center’s founders, Dr. Miguel Angel Chavarria Arias, Medical and General Manager, and Ms. Carmen Zamora Arroyo, Marketing and Sales Manager, since the home’s opening have invested in seeking donations and helping in the activities that are performed at this foster care home. Now through the Face & Body Care Center, they propose to bring in more assistance. This is a place for patients who wish to collaborate with home can give and also by doing treatment, a portion of the Center’s income is designated towards monthly donations for the home. This will contribute to helping Doriam, Genesis, April, Joshua, Gabriel, Kiara, Natalia, Francini, Nicole and other infants who become part of this holistic project.

Asociación Hogar Fe Viva is a private non -profit organization. Its goal is to provide comprehensive care and residence for young girls, children from zero to six years, orphans or victims of parental neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological or other types of abuse. The entry of minors to the lodge in Costa Rica is referred, licensed and supervised by the National Children’s Trust.


  • To encourage children and young girls living in the Living Faith Home with life values so they may develop effectively in society and live each day with an abiding faith in God.

Project Profile:

  • Living Faith Home is a dream born in God’s heart and holds the purpose of accommodating many children. The goal of the organization is to extend the project from Costa Rica to the countries that have a higher need in these types of resources for child development.
  • We are currently working on the establishment of the first home, it is located in the San José province in Barrio Escalante. These facilities are being prepared to attend a mixed group of 12 minors, children ranging from zero to six years old.
  • The mission is achieved comprehensively as this initial stage progresses, and gradually, more homes can be established and opened to help contribute to children and adolescent care for those who require it.


If you want to contribute, here are some ways you can:

  • Praying for the service and projects at Living Faith Home
  • Being part of the group of volunteers who can provide service according to abilities, work experience or academic preparation.
  • Economic donations which help to cover expenses for the comprehensive care of children and girls living in the orphanage. The bank accounts for economic contributions are:


  • 915491328. Colones Account. Bac San José.
  • Account Client.10200009154913286. Bac  San José.
  • 915491336. Dollars Account.
  • Account Client.1020009154913369. Bac  San José.
  • Asociación Hogar Fe Viva. legal ID 3-002-661743.


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