Why Dermal Fillers?

It restores youthful vigor to a patient’s face, enhances plumper lips, highlights surface profiles or soften facial lines. In these cases, facial fillers may be the solution.
The facial fillers offer many more benefits than a surgical facelift, eliminating postoperative and facelift side effects.
Although it may not help with excess sagging skin, facial fillers can add more volume and provide immediate results at a lower cost than surgery.
These treatments are not permanent, but maintenance treatments can be repeated, as often as the patient so desires.
Some dermal fillers are used in combination with other treatments for skin rejuvenation such as Botox injections, platelet rich plasma, among others.


The technique of facial fillers treatment is performed by a slight puncture with fine needles injecting fillers in the treated areas.

It is an aesthetic and ambulatory medical treatment that is directed as follows:

  • 1Evaluation of the area being treated and the patient’s history
  • 2Elaboration of strategy and marking the to-be-treated area
  • 3Cleansing area before treatment and possible application of local anesthetics
  • 4Product’s injection
  • 5Clean-up of area after treatment

Most facial fillers come with hyaluronic acid, that handled with expert hands can obtain amazing results without surgery nor pain. Experience is essential in performing these treatments so to achieve the desired result of unmodified natural facial expression.

Benefits in undergoing Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid Filler

  • The naturalness of the filler is more superior, as well as their lasting results over time.
  • There are additional benefits aesthetic medicine, because hyaluronic acid improves skin hydration and elasticity.
  • The skin regains its ability to retain water and connective tissue cells are reactivated, which produces more collagen.
  • It increases cell activity, as when skin is young in age and growing their ability to trap free radicals.
  • The temporary facial filler obtains results that are enhanced over the course of months, so that their progress may be modified according to each patient’s preference and needs. Likewise, these fillings allow doctors to adjust the volume and the desired increase according to the patient’s needs.