It is the latest in treatments for slimming, removing fat and cellulite effortlessly.

The ultracavitation is the most effective and convenient method to lose weight, reduce cellulite and eliminate fat, since it has visible results after the first session and allows targeting complicated areas such as hips, thighs , buttocks, arms, abdomen and waist.
It is called liposuction without surgery, because it is non-invasive and therefore without the risks associated with anesthesia and knife usage, not to mention the long and painful recovery processes involving any surgery. So it is the best alternative to liposuction.


  • Removes localized fat
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Combats orange peel skin
  • Reaffirms tissue
  • Rejuvenates the treated area
  • Visible results from the first session
  • Permanent Outcome: prevents fat again
  • Does not cause pain
  • No leaving any mark on the skin
  • No allergy test required
  • Avoids Surgery
  • No risk
  • No effort nor post-rest required
  • Allows for relaxing and enjoyable sessions

How does it work?

Ultracavitation reduces fat and cellulite through low frequency ultrasonic waves and high power. This selectively targets fat cells and molecules, producing its triglyceride breakdown without affecting other tissues. These cells become liquid and they are cleared naturally by the body through metabolic urine.

The ultrasonic waves converge in the treated area and produce cavitation, a process that results in the application of ultrasound in liquid form, generating micro bubbles in the void. This destroys the membranes of adipocytes releasing its fat content, which is broken down and metabolized into lymphatic and venous pathways that lead to its elimination through urine.

This is the only method that combats the elimination and reproduction of fat at the cellular level, thus preventing its return.